Enough with the fake accents … an all!

When the Truro arrived in Durban with 342 indentured labourers in 1861, few could have imagined the impact the Indian community would have on the destiny of our country. Over the past 150 years, there is no walk of life in which Indian South Africans have not made their mark. Commerce … Politics … Entertainment … Cricket. And of course cuisine! Basically the lot!
What immutable law of advertising exists then, which prevents the local advertising industry from using real Indians, with real Indian accents, in radio commercials? I mean, even the BBC found a South African to play the role of Ashwin Kumar in the Kumars at No42.
Personally, I blame fake Indian accents in radio commercials for the carnage on South African roads. There is not a driver in the country that can drive safely, whilst desperately attempting to change channels every time another Michael Naicker wannabe trots out his routine. Unfortunately, neither the Consumer Protection Act nor the ASA, has a code of practice which protects consumers from fake Indian accents in radio commercials, and so the death toll continues to mount. That’s why I am advocating that fake Indian accent commercials be legislated under the Road Traffic Offences Act.
I understand that not all radio voices need to sound like Naledi Pandor but if we don’t do something about this problem jaldi jaldi, we’ll be on the low road to radio chaos and before we even know it, we’ll have a bunch of inarticulate nasal twits anchoring our premier radio morning-drive shows.
Hang on?
Hmmmm …