Sisonke! It’s Football Friday!

For 6 years I have analysed the World Cup. I’ve analysed projected audiences and costs. I’ve analysed opportunities and the legal implications of ambush marketing. I’ve analysed creative strategies and media strategies. I’ve analysed outdoor sites and TV programmes. I’ve analysed new media and old media revitalised. I’ve analysed budgets and discounts and I’ve analysed competitors and global trends.
Today it all stops. Today I am going to the game with my sons and everything else can wait.
In 1995 they said “this will never happen again”. “It will never be this good again”. Well, they were wrong. It’s Football Friday like no Football Friday before! It’s the real thing and the spirit of 1995 is alive and well.
Of course we are all hoping for a little Madiba Magic this afternoon but whether the Big Guy makes it to the stadium or not, his legacy will live on.
Viva Bafana Bafana Viva! Ayoba 2010.