Being SAARF means never having to say you’re sorry!

When you’re right you’re right and when you’re wrong you’re wrong.
Being told you are wrong is rarely a good experience. Self knowledge always comes with a price. Accepting the correction gracefully on the other hand can be a winning experience both in terms of the knowledge gained and the perception created amongst your peers.
When I was still a babe in the advertising woods, and I became aware that there were people who were marching to a different tune to me, I accused them of being out of step. As my self-knowledge grew, I became painfully aware that when you are the only one going “right left”, and everybody else is going “left right”, then it is in fact you who are out of step. Not the rest of the squad.
SAARF’s petulant little press release, about their reluctant release the AMPS 2009 data, is a case in point.
Last month at an AMASA function, some users of AMPS, speaking not for themselves but on behalf of the vast majority of users of AMPS, made it clear to the management of SAARF that the data that had been paid for by the entire industry, should be released to the entire industry. Not just a chosen few with a vested interest. This is not a new concept but entrenched in the accepted best practice of SAARF over the past 3 decades.
Having introduced a significant change in the AMPS methodology, SAARF was wrong not to release it to the industry and the industry was right to demand the release of that data. This argument must have had some resonance because, within a week, the board of SAARF voted to release the data. I guess someone was listening to their clients.
For SAARF to now argue that the only currency which can be used is the 12 month AMPS database poses two questions. What about all those occasions over the past decade when 6 month data was used with SAARF’s blessing? If the AMPS 2009 data isn’t good enough to stand on its own, why is it good enough to fuse into the previous data? I learned something from Keith Floyd. If the wine isn’t good enough to drink, you shouldn’t be cooking with it in the first place.
Last year SAARF told us we were incapable of understanding the shift to 14 LSMS. This year we are incapable of understanding the new DS-Capi methodology and we must not misuse the 6 month data. It’s not misuse of the data that is the real problem, its creation of bad data in the first place. Now that the data will be subject to industry scrutiny, we can decide for ourselves. That’s what our clients pay us for.
David Ogilvy said, “the customer is no fool, she is your wife”!
When you’re wrong you’re wrong SAARF. Just try being gracious. It’s not nearly as painful as you think.