I shot the Sherriff … but at least I didn’t lose my Sanity

When last did you have one of those moments that leave you feeling like you’re the last sane person in media?
After 30 something years in media, you get to know a bit of stuff. And you get a badge. It’s like a Sheriff’s badge but not as shiny or pointy. And the badge says Independent Media Consultant. Or just, Consultant. Now the difference between a Sheriff’s badge and a Consultant’s badge is that the bad guys don’t shoot at you because you’re wearing it.
Well, not until this week anyway.
Because, as a consultant, you know stuff, people tend to ask you stuff. You give them answers based on the stuff you have learned in your 30 something years in media. Very often those answers are the difference between a good campaign and a great one. Or the difference between a campaign that works, or doesn’t work. Or, just the input that makes a good campaign work a little better. So it can be very rewarding for everybody concerned.
Now, when I receive an email from a major group, Decision Process International (http://decisionprocesses.com), that reads “why not to outsource your strategy to an outside consultant”, you will understand why it’s a must read.
So I read on only to discover that “the worst of all strategic crimes is to have an outside consultant develop your strategy”! Whilst I’m the first to admit that nobody knows the business better than the client, I’m left wondering how I slipped from trusted business partner to “strategic criminal”.
Nevertheless, nobody is above criticism so I figure. Hey! Take the ego knock and read what they have to say. I click and navigate myself to the website, and this is where I find the part that I love … because it reminds that me that maybe I’m not so dumb after all.
Are you outsourcing your strategic thinking? Letting consultant dictate your company’s policy? Then you have three clickable options on the DPI website …
1. I’d like to schedule a presentation
2. Not ready yet but keep me informed
And the one I love. The one that made my week
3. I’d like to chat to a consultant
Sorry what?
Chat to a consultant? Another “strategic criminal”? You’ve got to be kidding me DPI.
Talking to a consultant about your consultants is like hiring a psychologist to assess the mental condition of your psychiatrist. Go lie down on one of those Corporate couches at DPI guys. You need to rethink your emarketing strategy. Actually, I know one or two guys that could help you. No wait! They’re also consultants. Aiesh!